Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Counting sheep

As I lay awake in the middle of the night last night (thanks to Ben who cried off an on from 2am til about 4am), I came up with some alternatives to counting sheep such as:

1. Listing the many words the boys have now. Result: Somewhere around 150.
2. Listing all 32 NFL teams in alphabetical order. Result: Successful - Yes, we're a little big football-obsessed around here these days.
3. Listing all USA states in alphabetical order. Result: Successful

As I eventually headed toward sleep, I came up with a more interesting list though. Here are my top ten "Get up and Dance" songs (i.e. when I'm out somewhere and these songs are played, I cannot stay in my seat).

1. Livin' on a Prayer - Bon Jovi
2. Enter Sandman - Metallica
3. I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - The Pretenders
4. Billie Jean - MJ
5. Thunderstruck - AC/DC
6. Papa Don't Preach - Madonna
7. Sweet Child o' Mine - Guns 'N Roses
8. Faith - George Michael
9. Pour Some Sugar on Me - Def Leppard
10. Jack & Diane - John Cougar Mellancamp

I'm sure I've missed some great ones but these are what I came up with at 4am. What about you - what are your "Get up and Dance" songs?

As I look over the list, I realize that I have really dated myself. Ah well...Gotta love the 80's!

Now, let's hope for more sleep from Ben tonight.


  1. My get up and dance songs are constantly changing. They could be different tomorrow.

    150 words? That's insane. Seriously.

  2. Soon you will get your sleep and you won't be thinking up these lists. Your get up and dance songs are very good ones, though. Rarely could I find a list that close to mine! Here's to sleep!!! :)