Thursday, April 14, 2011

Progress with canes

A few weeks back I finally got around to buying Ben some canes of his own...of course, he wanted red ones, just like "Sarah", his CE classmate.

Up til now, he used canes just at CE and they were tripod canes...not near as steady as Sarah's quad canes. It has taken a few weeks, but Ben is finally convinced that he CAN walk on his own with the canes. I knew he could, I just had to convince him.

So...without further ado...check out this video of Ben walking with his canes ALL BY HIMSELF!


  1. Wow!! This is amazing..Ben is amazing and determined and unbelievable, lets not forget charming, cute, and amazing...oh did I say AMAZING! Brings tears to my eyes.

  2. That is so impressive.. I wonder if my girl could do that. So cool. Does he prefer this to a walker? Just wondering.

  3. this is so inspiring cary! you must be so proud of ben. he looks great!

  4. What a grown up little man he is!! How awesome, Cary Anne! I am delighted for Ben, and for you, proud Mama!

  5. Wow! Way to go! I know how much hard work and dertermination has gone into that video.

  6. WOOT!! WOOT!!
    I`m just plain weepy here and so PROUD of him.
    What a champion!
    I love this Cary!
    Big hugs to you all.

    Thanks for the tips on the bungy chords, I shall try that! I never would have thought of that!