Saturday, July 31, 2010


We just got back this afternoon from a whirlwind, 8-day trip to Ontario that included 2 flights, 4 hotel rooms, 1 rental van, countless hours in said van, too many meals in restaurants, and many, many hours spent with friends and family. I'm exhausted. And way behind. On blogging, on commenting, on voicemails and on emails.

Three good things have come about though that need to be followed up on ASAP:

1. Conductive Education in Halifax has another child enrolled with similar abilities as Ben that is interested in doing classes with us. That's exciting...just hope we can manage to coordinate our schedules!

2. Ben got his Botox appointment (for his hamstrings). It's on Aug 9th. I just hope they haven't given the appointement away because we haven't called back to confirm.

3. A good friend of mine who currently lives in Vietnam (She's South African and we originally met in 2001 when we both lived in Bermuda) is actually just a 2 1/2 hour drive away! I so hope we can manage to meet up while she's so close.

It's a long weekend here in we have two whole days left to recover.
And to my bloggy friends. I AM reading your much as I can anyways. Sorry for the lack of commenting, but I will be leaving comments shortly!

Family pic in front of Niagara Falls

Another family pic, this time enjoying the waves of Lake Huron


  1. I always feel like I need a vacation after my vacations:) Can't wait to see how the Botox goes.

  2. Good luck with getting caught back up on everything. Vcations are indeed exhausting and overwhelming - and I totally agree with the too many meals in restaurants problem!! It isn't even just the money that gets to me, it is the choice making, cajoling, peacekeeping, and waiting that all work so much better in one's own home.

  3. I love that second picture! Welcome back! :)

  4. Welcome back!! I also love that second picture :)Good luck with the Conductive Education.I'm putting your painting in the mail tomorrow, can't wait for you to see it.