Sunday, July 18, 2010

Painting for Hailey - Update

If you've been reading my blog, you know that Janet (aka Hailey's Grandmother) at Painting for Hailey has offered to do a painting of your child for just $100! All proceeds go to Hailey's Conductive Education fund.

Well....I immediately sent Janet a cheque and a photo of my boys. This is the photo I sent her. They are playing with a decorative garden frog from my Mom's garden.

And Janet just emailed me a photo of the finished product! It takes a few weeks to dry so I have a little while to wait before I get to see the original but I'm thrilled with the photo!

My favourite thing about the painting? If you look closely on Ben's shirt, just where over his heart, there is a small green CP awareness ribbon. Janet puts one somewhere in each of her paintings now. How cool is that? It brought tears to my eyes when she told me about it.
Isn't it great?


  1. It is indeed, awesome! If I wasn't shedding all my money on hippotherapy and Little gym right now, I'd probably get a painting too. Maybe if I get that raise I've been asking for . . . enjoy that painting Caryanne, and well done Janet!

  2. Beautiful! I might need one myself. . .