Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dear Daniel

My dear Daniel;

I don't write about you much here on this blog, but that does not mean that I love you any less than I love your brother.  You are kind and sweet and so full of personality. 

You and I have a very special bond.  I think back to those days when I was the only one who could feed you as you struggled through every feeding...

You are my thinker.  My builder.  My little architect.  I love watching you as you play with your legos and blocks....not even knowing that I'm are that engrossed in what you are doing.

And when you smile, the whole world smiles with you.  You have the best giggle and I love it when I tickle you just right and I am rewarded with that sound.

There is something about how you reach up and hold my hand when we're walking together that makes my heart do a cartwheel...I can't describe how much I love you in that moment.

Never change. 


  1. Love little boys, really sweet post Carrie. By the way I avoid the park too this year with a 2 year who could runoff in any direction and Ashley I don't know how to do the park.

  2. Beautiful post Carrie, I know that typically developing kids can sometimes take a back seat to a sibling who has a disability. I like to think of Danial as Ben's protector in life, not only now but when they get older too. I think he will always watch over Ben, whether it be at home, at school or just in general.