Friday, August 12, 2011

On my way back up

My last post was a bit negative, but honest.  And above all, I try to be honest here when I write...otherwise what's the point?  The reason I chose to write that post is basically because I know that there are others out there feeling the same way...and there's nothing I hate more than reading a blog (especially a special needs blog) that's all "sunshine and rainbows"...because that is simply not reality.

I truly appreciated ALL of your comments.  Every last one of them.  Thank you so much for reading and really makes my day.  I especially liked Sarah's comment "It doesn't get easier or harder. It just gets different."  How true.

Since that post I think the rollercoaster has started to go up again...just check out this video of Ben walking up the stairs with his canes...totally independently!

Isn't he adorable in his train conductor costume?  And isn't Daniel a typical almost-4-year old trying to get in the shot?

So we go...back up to the top of that rollercoaster!


  1. A dash of honesty always helps.

  2. Yeah Ben!!!!!!!!!! and Yeah Cary for your honesty. and Yeah Ben again for wanting to share the spotlight with Daniel, he immediately said " I want to take a video of Daniel". hahaha Love it!

  3. Totally gorgeous!

    My little girl is just starting with canes, so it is exciting to see your gorgeous Ben using them so well!

  4. I totally get the up and the down. I had a similar experience this week. One day was really down and the next day was super up. Why is that??
    I hate CP.
    I wish I could have watched both the videos up here but my husband is sleeping next to me.
    Way to go Ben. And Cary. And Daniel. We're all doing the best we can!

  5. Perfect post for me to read today, as I just finished writing about something similar.

    Ben looks incredible!!! Charlie isn't able to bend his legs that much. It can be so hard to watch our kids struggle, but the victories sure are sweet.