Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Photo Shoot

Last Sunday afternoon, we had our Christmas photo session. My sister's friend (who is just getting started in photography) came to our house to do them. I've been begging her for ages to come and take photos of my boys since she takes such AMAZING photos of her kids.

The session itself went fairly well. Beforehand I had put together some props in the hopes of keeping the boys entertained and in one place. I bought some shatterproof Christmas bulbs, some big candy canes, and wrapped up some big boxes. It worked very well.

And here are some of the fantastic shots that we got (sorry there's so many but there are so many great ones to choose from)!

The whole family

Daniel (L) Ben (R)

Daniel (R) kissing Ben (L)

Ben (L) Daniel (R)

Silly Daniel

Serious Ben

Happy Ben



  1. Don't be sorry! Those are gorgeous!!!

  2. adorable. i love daniel kissing ben. and the whole family shot of course. those are hard to come by and that one's a keeper!

  3. I love em! Nice to see a picture of mom too!

  4. So sweet, I love them all! What a handsome family!