Thursday, January 14, 2010

Anybody out there?

Apparently, it's National Delurker Day. Who knew there was such a thing? Not me.
I probably don't deserve it, since I hardly post anymore, but if you're reading, why not leave a comment so I know you're there? You can just say hi, or tell me a bit about yourself and why you're reading or even ask me a question if you want. I'd love questions. Then I'd have an easy post topic.
So go ahead...I dare ya...delurk!


  1. Hi Caryanne,
    I am here! I never heard of Delurker day but it sure sound good if it gets people posting comments, huh? Hope the kids are doing well. How's the weather where you are?

  2. I read and occasionally comment. (I am horrible at that part!) I think you've found my blog, so you probably know the general about me. I found you through the Multiples blog. :-)


  3. Hi, met you over on Twinstuff! I try to comment regularly but don't... Don't feel bad about not posting, I haven't since August! I love following your blog and seeing how your boys are growing.

  4. Hello, I'm Becca. I'm 24, live in Manchester (the original, UK one) and have a profound physical impairment with high level care support and nursing needs.

    May I go back to lurking now, please?

  5. Hi! I'm Katy, mom to Charlie who has cerebral palsy. Wow, I wish I had more to say about myself than that. Delurker day! I like it.