Monday, February 28, 2011

Random cuteness

The boys are obsessed with playing Hide-n-Seek at the moment. It's their favourite thing to do (besides build forts and obstacle courses with my couch cushions). They're pretty cute when they're playing...mainly because they're so bad at it. I think Ben believes that if he can't see me than I can't see him. I routinely find him cuddled up in the middle of the hall way floor with his eyes facing downward. And you know where Daniel's favourite place to hide is? The last place he found you. And he's pretty loud about it as he'll say "i want to hide here go count." And if you don't find them within about 5 seconds? They can't stop giggling. The best part for them is being's totally cute.

They are actively learning their letters and now know all of them (if in uppercase). So now they keep trying to figure out what things say. We went to get their haircut the other day (they were such big boys and sat on the "board" for the first time instead of Mommy's lap...I was so proud). Daniel looks at the sign in the window and spells it out. "C", "L", "O", "S", "E", "D". The he looks at me and says, "that spells Haircuts". Wrong...but pretty good guess! Then when we're leaving, he goes "O", "P", "E", "N". "That spells Welcome to Anne's". Pretty smart kid, eh?

Ben pooped on the toilet for the first time today! And yes, I'll admin it, we've taken to bribing. I now owe him a present. It's funny how he thinks he can trick me. I went into the living room today and it was pretty obvious that he was working on a #2 in his diaper. He looks at me and says "Mommy, go away. Go in the kitchen"...basically his way of saying "Please don't put me on the toilet, Mommy". But I convinced him to try it out in exchange for a present. And he did it! He was really proud of himself. He even got to wear some Thomas underwear until naptime.

And just something totally random to end this blog post...I am addicted to CSI reruns.

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