Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One cane

We're back in Halifax for another week of Conductive Education with Ben's lovely classmate, "Sarah".

Well...as I posted a while back, Ben can now walk on his own with 2 quad canes. He's not super at it, but can do it without any help...and can even get down on his own.

This session of Conductive Ed is different that what we've previously done as the Conductive Educator has an assistant now. So instead of us moms staying and helping out with the session, we actually left Ben and Sarah there for their 2 hour "class". What a nice break!

We arrived back with about 10 minutes left in the class...and I just couldn't believe my eyes...BEN WAS WALKING WITH ONLY ONE CANE!!!! Yes, he was slow. And yes, he needed lots of help...but he WAS doing it.

So...I just need to remember my camera tomorrow and hopefully I'll catch it on video for you all to see.


  1. I found you through Bird on the Street. My son is just over a year and was just diagnosed with CP and Lobar HPE. So glad to hear he is doing well. I can't wait to read more about Ben.

  2. Thats's awesome progress!!! Way to go Ben!

  3. Good job Ben!

    I never mastered on cane. It's harder than walking with no canes for me.

  4. Way to go Ben!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo Cary Is the program in Halifax 2 hrs a day each day for a week? The one Hailey is attending in Michigan is 5 hrs Mon-Fri for a 4 week session. I am so excited to be joining her next week!

  5. Hello,
    I am the conductor that works with Ben through March of Dimes Canada.
    The program in Halifax that Ben has been attending is 2 hour per day. We do run classes and camps that are longer per day however it depends on the group size and the child. For more information feel free to email me at bbrydon@marchofdimes.ca.