Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Christmas Cards

Janet Harrold of Painting for Hailey is selling Christmas Cards that feature children with disabilities.  Janet is an amazing painter (I have 5, yes 5, of her paintings) and all proceeds go to support alternative therapies for her granddaughter, Hailey.

She is taking orders throughout the month of October so that people can have their cards with lots of time before Christmas.  Go and check her out!


  1. Thank you Cary, I really , really appreciate it. It is my hope to have these cards in home all over the world and Christmas cards are a great way to make that happen as we send cards across the miles. My hope is that it will help to promote acceptance and awareness by getting people used to seeing children in wheelchairs. Also seeing children in wheelchairs actively taking part in Holiday and everyday celebrations. I hope it stirs up conversations with children when an inquisitive young person sees a child in a wheelchair on a Christmas card hanging on the wall etc. The inside text reads "May Your Holidays be Special" for more information on these cards
    Thank you for your support!

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