Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Our main goal, now that we're home from Montreal, has been all about independence.  Before the surgery, walking with the walker was difficult for Ben and he couldn't last for long...but now?  Well, now, he does great and can go for longer and longer periods.

At home now, we expect Ben to get everywhere on his own.  And not crawling, but walking.  Even though our house is multi-level, we mainly hang out on the main floor that is pretty much completely accessible for him with his walker.   Not only is he expected to walk everywhere, but we also want him to do all transfers too.  Sometimes we do have to help him, but he needs to put some effort in.  We don't just carry him anymore....well, except for to and from the car...until NOW.

This week, we finally had a ramp installed in our garage.  Before there were 4 steps down to get from the house to the garage.  They were very steep steps with no railing so we had to carry him to the van.  And then of course come back to carry his walker to the van. 

Not anymore!  The ramp is pretty much finished and Ben got to try it out tonight.  So from now on, he can be independent to and from the van and will just need a bit of help to climb up into his carseat.

Check out the video!

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