Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sleep and Mother's Day

My husband and I are away for the weekend. We left yesterday morning, drove for 3 hours and found ourselves in a completely different city for the next 2 days. And what have we done with ourselves? Well, we've mostly slept. Thank God the hotel bed is absolutely amazing. I'm seriously considering stealing the sheets...they are THAT amazing.

What else have we done besides sleep? Well, eat (alot), drink (alot), shop (some) and talk about the kids (alot). It always surprises me how much I miss the kids when I'm away from them. I wish it was possible to get a break but at the same time see them for about an hour each day.

I called home this evening to see what they've been up to. Sounds like they've been having a great time. Our nanny is watching them while we're away (which is so perfect since I don't have to worry one bit). Today they went to her sister's (she has 2 girls, aged almost 5 and almost 2). The older girl and Ben had races down their hallway on their tummies (since that's how Ben crawls)...seriously, how cute is that? It makes me teary just thinking about how much fun Ben would have had doing that. I wished (just a tiny bit) that I had been there to see it.

It looks like my Mother's Day will be pretty great. I'll start it off by sleeping late (perfect), going out for brunch (again perfect) and a nice drive home with my hubby to see my kids (another perfect). I remember last year. I was pretty disappointed by my first Mother's Day (I remember sneaking upstairs to have a private cry at one point). My husband bought me a very nice pair of earrings. Yes, they were very nice. But all I wanted was to sleep late and get a break. I was just so exhausted and all I wanted to sleep. But...that was last year...and this year I seem to have gotten the perfect Mother's Day. I'll let you know how it goes.

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