Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Daniel and Benjamin have a truly awesome Dad. They (and I) are so blessed to have him. Here's just a short list of all the great things he does for them (and me):

1. Gets up every morning at 6am to hang out with them (while mommy sleeps til 7:30). He even got up with them on Father's Day since I had been out til 3am for a bachelorette party!
2. Gives countless "horsey rides" every day.
3. Carries Ben. This can be so exhausting depending on what we're up to each day. Daddy carries Ben most of the time and I just give him breaks when he's especially worn out.
4. Ignores all the chores that need to be done each weekend in order to get as much time with them as possible.
5. Could fly solo anytime (and mommy wouldn't have to worry about him or the boys one bit).
6. Makes sure that Ben gets his stretches everyday.
7. Lies on the floor with them and lets them crawl all over him.
8. Loves them (and me) so, so, so much.

(The above pic is from December 2007. The boys were just under 3 months old and had been home from the hospital for about 3 weeks.)

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