Saturday, June 13, 2009

On the verge...

Ben is making so much progress lately. He works so hard and it is really awesome to watch. He is ALMOST crawling on all fours on a consistent basis. I would guess we're just a few weeks away. He gets up on all fours when he wants to pull up on something. So we've been moving that "something" away and he crawls on all fours for a few feet to get to it. He's also done it spontaneously at least twice. He's so cute when he's doing it. You can tell he's all excited as he does this cute little laugh like he can't believe it himself.

He can now get "out of sitting". We're hoping when he starts to crawl on all fours consistently that he'll finally learn how to get into sitting. Currently he can get into a kneel or "w-sit" by pulling up on a toy or piece of furniture but can't do it on his own.

I feel like he's really close to doing more and more great things. I'm all optomistic these days. What a strange feeling...


  1. Yea! It sounds like he is doing great! Hannah is starting to pull herself onto all fours now and will rock just a little. She is also getting better at pulling up to her knees when holding onto something. It is amazing to see so much progress!!! Keep it up Ben!

  2. That is awesome, both about Ben's progress AND your optimism. I know that the optimism can be a fleeting thing in our situations - so GO WITH IT!! And GO BEN!!!

  3. It is coming. My daughter started to crawl just before she turned 2 and soon as she figured it out she was getting up to sitting and pulling to stand.
    Where are you in Canada? We are just outside Toronto.