Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Day in Photos - A walk at the mall

Some Sunday mornings, we take the boys to the mall for a walk. The shops themselves don't open until noon but the doors are open starting at 9am for those that want to walk. Usually that's mostly elderly people, but there are some families there with small children...mostly just letting their kids burn off steam in the middle of winter.

Plus, it's a great opportunity to let Ben use his walker! Check out how happy he is to get going.

Since Daniel doesn't have a walker (he'd love to have one though), he pushes the stroller around (we need somewhere to store the diaper bag and coats, mitts, hats, etc. Here he is looking for the bikes at Toys R Us. Sadly, no bikes were out this week.

Ben loved the letters in this "GARAGE" sign. He kept yelling "A for Alligator". We've been working on the alphabet lately and they are both doing awesome. I'd guess they each know about half the alphabet. We've attached words of meaning to each letter so they love learning them (and finding them when we're out). For example: D is for Daniel, B is for Ben, M is for Mommy, L is for Lucy (their cousin), S is for soother (they LOVE their pacifiers or soothers as we call them), Z is for zebra...and their favourite: W is for Walrus!!!

Daniel has to check everything out. Like this hinge on this door...apparently it's quite fascinating.

He also loves to 'hide' in small spaces. He loved this little nook in the wall. Unfortunately Ben couldn't fit in his walker.

After our walk, it's time for a snack. So we head to the foodcourt. Daniel loves to get the highchairs. We take off the tray tables and pull them right up to the table with us. They had carrot muffins, goldfish crackers and water.

After Daddy got his coffee from Tim Horton's (it opens at 10am - woohoo!), he joined us at the table. Ben was happy to see him.

In this photo, you can see Ben playing Peek-a-boo from behind his cup. Don't you love that smile?

Another great smile, this time from Daniel. I had to force the camera onto my husband for this one...otherwise there would be NO pictures of me EVER.

This is just the boys being silly together. Daniel was trying to kiss Ben but Ben wanted none of it. I love how they interact together.

All in all, it was a great morning (except for the meltdown when Ben couldn't "push the stroller" like Daniel). Then it was time to go home.


  1. Have you visited teh site, "no time for flashcards?" She does a bunch of fun craft projects with the letters of the alphabet. Also, she's really nice AND Canadian.

  2. Wow Caryanne,
    It actually makes me wish we had a mall for Faith to ride around in....well...maybe....

  3. so cute. i am so impressed they know their letters! what smarty pants. you do make the mall look fun. i never knew they opened before the stores. ben is doing so well with that walker. i can't wait to get there with drake.

  4. Hi Caryanne,

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment about traveling with twins. Good luck on your upcoming trip. Traveling with kids is different, but still fun. We're heading up to Toronto - one of my absolute favorite places!! Can't wait to hear about your trip... I'm following now and look forward to getting to know you.

  5. Both boys look great!

    As you know, we do the exact same thing with our boys. Looks like a similar experience all around! The mall is a perfect place for a learning-to-walk-in-his-walker boy and his brother, especially when the stores haven't opened yet. Lots of free space and things to look at.