Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Progress...and a friend "just like me"

Lately, I've been feeling like Ben's been making ZERO progress....I feel like all we're doing is trying to manage his spasticity for the last 6 months and that he's made absolutely NO GAINS in the gross motor skills area. I have been so discouraged. I thought by now that we'd be seeing progress in independent standing and maybe even and independent step or two. But nope. Nada.

Until today.

Until we went back for another week of Conductive Education in Halifax with the March of Dimes Canada.

Until he went right for the new set of canes they had ready for him and started walking around the gym (with a little bit of help of course).

I couldn't believe it. His core strength has definitely improved since we were here 4 months ago. And he's definitely gotten over the fear of falling.

I was beyond thrilled.

And you know what else? He even has a classmate this time. Let's call her "Sarah". She's 4 and has the exact same diagnosis as Ben...Spastic Diplegia CP.
And she moves and sits and stands...JUST LIKE BEN.
You should have seen Ben's face when she walked into the gym this morning in her walker. He was all grins from ear to ear.
I couldn't stop staring at her. She moves just like Ben. I posted this picture on Facebook tonight and someone commented that she sits just like Ben. It was amazing. Just amazing.
And Ben...well this comment to his Grammie pretty much sums it up "she has a walker JUST LIKE ME Grammie!!".


  1. That brings tears to my eyes.
    Bittersweet isn't it.

    They are gorgeous!

    Caryanne he will plateau and then when you blink your eyes it'll be leaps and bounds.
    He is a champion and quite a cute one may I add.