Friday, July 8, 2011


The boys got their new glasses today!  Mommy is a little torn on the whole thing...they are so adorable, but I really wish we didn't have to deal with glasses.  Oh the grand scheme of things, glasses are really no big deal.

Check out how cute they are!

The only way to get one of the 2 of them, was to get them to do funny-faces.

Daniel - who obviously must not have been seeing very well...his prescription is STRONG!

Ben - I couldn't get a good one of him looking directly at me.


  1. I think they look really cute in their glasses. But I understand why you're torn over them.

  2. They both look so handsome :)

  3. So-o-o adorable! How's it going keeping them on?

  4. No need to be torn, just another minor adjustment, they are so handsome, glasses just enhance the cuteness and I know you think that with daniels prescription being strong things are magnified, but I like that you can now see his beautiful eyes!