Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Father's Day Paintings

I absolutely LOVE the paintings that Janet Harrold at Painting for Hailey has done for me in the past.  The first painting that she did for me now hangs in my family can read the post about it here.  Because I loved that one so much, I had her do 2 more paintings for me that I could give to the boys' grandparents as Christmas gifts.  I blogged about them here and here.

After our family vacation to Florida in May, I emailed Janet right away to see if she could do 2 more paintings for me...for my husband for Father's Day.  It was a quick turnaround but she did it and here they are!  I do have to say that the pictures of the paintings don't really do them justice....the colours are so much more vibrant in person.

Ben walking with Daddy at the beach

Daniel - in his own little world

As usual, Janet has placed a CP awareness ribbon in each painting...see if you can find them!

And if you would like a painting of your own child, Janet would love to do it for you...all proceeds go towards her grand-daughter's Conductive Education Fund.


  1. Thank you so much Cary, for the blogpost, for the kind words, for the links and for the business. You are the best and I sure hope you enjoy them!

  2. Oh wow, that's so cool! Does she do childrens books? These totally look like those types of illustrations. ... hopefully that's not an offensive thing to say. I can't imagine why it would be, but, you know. Anyway, they're awesome!
    P.S. I didn't know there was a CP awareness ribbon, although that makes sense. Is it dark green?

  3. Shasta, No offense taken, I have written and illustrated a children's book in the past... Thank you for your kind words!