Thursday, February 16, 2012

Researching SDR (I need your help!)

Hi everyone.  As Ben (and our family) go through the journey that is SDR surgery and the recovery and rehab that follow, I've begun to realize that although the SDR journey is pretty similar for those of us that go through it, there are definitely differences.  Differences that stem from where the surgery is performed, what type of SDR is done, and whether the hospital does in-patient rehab or not.  And likely even more than that.

So.  I want to do a series of posts documenting the journeys of those of us that have been through SDR with our child.  I was thinking of doing an interview-style post with a series of questions that the parent could answer.

If this is something you are interested in, please either comment below or email me at aboutthesmallstuff at hotmail dot com. 

For those of you whose child has had SDR, can you let me know if you'd be interested in participating? 

And for the rest of you (especially those of you who are considering this surgery for your child), can you please let me know of any questions that you think I should ask?



  1. I would love to be apart of this. I think it is a great idea. When we were researching the SDR for our son we had a hard time finding information and other personal experiences so I think this is a wonderful idea

  2. My child has not had SDR, but I am very interested in it. While I don't think her CP makes her a good candidate at the moment, it may be something for her in the future. My daughter has Spastic Quad CP, as opposed to, Spastic Diaplegia. I am curious if any family has undergone the surgery for SQCP and how it helped? Whether anyone responds or not to my questions, I appreciate learning more and the fact that you are taking time to document your journey. I connected to your site from Ellen and Max's blog. Thank you.

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