Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just beachy

We went to the beach with the boys for the first time today. We arrived just before 9am and left a little after noon. They had an AMAZING time! I couldn't believe how well it went and how much they loved it.
It took awhile for Ben to figure out exactly what he could do there. But once he got used to the feel of the sand, he was super happy to crawl around and w-sit in the water.
Daniel had a great time too. He took over one little girl's toys (even though we had our own) and spent about a half hour just playing on his own.
And they both loved just watching all the big kids play in the water.
And now...we can't wait to go back! Luckily, this fantastic beach is just a 1/2 hour drive away so we'll be able to go often. are some great pics I got.
Ben crawling!

Love this action shot of Daniel

Daniel (back) Ben (front)

Daddy and Ben


Happy Ben!


  1. adorable! drake and lucy love the beach, too. we are going to the jersey shore for a week in august. i can't wait. ben and drake are so similar in what they are doing. so great ben is crawling now! drake is w-sitting too. we try to put him in side or ring sitting, but he just gets out of it and gets back into w-sitting. such cute pics of your boys.

  2. Aww, looks like you guys had a great time. WE took our girls to the beach a little over a month ago and they loved it. Unfortunately all the beaches are hours away around here. Great pictures!!