Monday, August 30, 2010

Lots of awesome stuff

Well. There's lots of awesome stuff going on around here. And since I can't seem to find the time for a real post, I figured I'd just update you on some of this awesome stuff!

1. I *think* that I may have found a preschool for BOTH Ben and Daniel...that may even take Ben WITHOUT an aide. I've been looking around for a preschool for the boys...nothing fancy...I just think it's time for them to have more time with other kids and more time away from Mommy. I've been calling around and getting pretty much nowhere. Plus, I was expecting to not only pay for preschool but to have to pay for an aide for Ben too. Well. Today I finally remembered the boys' old kindermusik teacher...who I thought also did preschool a few mornings each week. I called her and it turns out she does. 9am til 11am...Wednesday and Friday. And since she already knows us (and Ben), she figures she can handle Ben without an aide (which I know she can). Cool. We're going to check it out next week so I can see how it all works and she can see Ben again and make sure she's OK with it.

2. Ben's going back to Conductive Ed in November! I'm quite thrilled about this. And the main reason why I'm so thrilled is that he's going to have a classmate! A little girl with spastic diplegia CP who is just a year older than Ben is going to be in his class. This is EXACTLY what Ben needs. He LOVES little girls (and already has a few *girlfriends") and I'm sure she'll be a fantastic motivator.

3. Big boys beds are on their way! I finally managed to get around to shopping for the boys' beds. And found something perfect for them. They should arrive sometime in September. They are SO READY for big boy's all very exciting! And the best part? I just found some really cute bedding today in the Sears Wish Book for only $129 each (for the whole bed-in-a-bag).

4. The weather here in Atlantic Canada has been simply amazing ALL SUMMER LONG. We got back last weekend from a fabulous week of camping on Prince Edward Island. We rented a trailer at a great campground right on the beach. It was simply amazing. The boys had a great time and had so many great campfires!

Fun at the campfire with glowsticks!

5. We're back doing another session of therapeutic riding and it's even better than the last session. The instructor is really fantastic. Not only is she great with Ben, but she lets Daniel go for a quick ride at the end of the session too. She has small children and gets that it must be hard on Daniel for Ben to always be the one doing the cool stuff. Daniel is just tickled pink that he gets to ride Cowboy too. And the volunteers this time are great too. There's one volunteer that keeps Ben laughing almost the entire time he's riding. He loves her. I am so grateful that we have this awesome and affordable program and it's not even a 5-minute drive from our house.

Daniel riding!

OK. I just re-read this post. I can't believe how optomistic I sound...almost annoyingly so. That's so not like me. There is one small thing that isn't so great going on...Ben gets his casts on on Wednesday. And it's supposed to be like 110 freakin' degrees here on Wednesday. I'm really hoping that the results of the casting will be *awesome*, but I can't say that I'm looking forward to 3 weeks of casts. I'm just praying that it doesn't affect his sleep.
I'll keep you posted on the casting. It should be interesting!


  1. OMG! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the campfire picture! How did you handle camping with Ben? Walker? Carry? Hand-holding? I'm curious. I am NOT a camper...but I'm sure E would love it. She'd want to do it all...campfire, fishing, s'mores, songs, etc. Tent? *shudder*

    Also--WOW they are BIG! You need to change your title picture. I keep imagining Ben and Daniel as young little boys, instead of the bigger kids they are. So grown up...*snif*

  2. Thanks for the update. I love awesome updates. :)

  3. Well, I love posts full of good stuff (duh!) Now you've got me thinking that Charlie needs some campfire experiences!

  4. Amy - camping was super easy with Ben. But that's probably because we RENTED a 36-foot, 2-bedroom trailer at the campground. It was perfect, especially since I HATE TENTING!

    We mostly moved Ben around the same as home. He crawled in the trailer and out on the deck (yes, it even came with a deck!) and even outside on the grass. The trailer came with a wagon so we mostly moved the boys around the campground with it. If not, then we used their strollers.

    We did sometimes though allow both boys to walk. And Ben did awesome with his walker! Way better than I expected.

  5. Cary, I just love that you are optimistic, I can hear the enthusiasm in your tone...these are all very exciting things,You really sound like a supermom, I don't know how you do it. That is great that the hippotherapy is just 5 minutes away. We want Hailey to do both Conductive Education as well as hippotherapy,We are definitely going to do both of these hopefully in the near future. It seems a bit harder to make these things happen. We are looking into the CE center in Grand Rapids Michigan and that is 800-900 miles away and hippotherapy is not too close either. Sometimes it is a bit overwhelming, she just started school etc. I sure hope Ben does well in his casts. Good luck!!