Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New boots

So here's my Ben with his new "boots" as he likes to call them. The day went really well and Ben was a trooper as usual. He always amazes me how well he does with stuff like this.

It took about an hour for the PT to do both casts. And he was happy to watch Dora while she worked away. It actually worked out well, because he now has red boots "just like Boots".

These are fibreglass casts. So they'll stay on until Monday and then we'll take them off ourselves. He'll have Monday night, all day Tuesday, and Tuesday night cast-free and then he'll get his next set on Wednesday. We're hoping that he won't lose too much muscle strength by having that time off in between casts. He'll probably have 3 weeks of casting.

The PT said that the most benefit occurs in the first 24 to 48 hours. So if he's complaining and we can't get him to stop, then we should take them off. So far though, he really likes them and there hasn't been any complaining at all.

He's not allowed to walk or stand on them today, but can starting tomorrow. He should be able to walk with his walker even with them on. I'm really hoping that's the case.

So was no big deal. No shots, no anesthetic, no crying. Easy-peasy. Now we just look forward to RESULTS!


  1. Not sure what you mean by 'just take them off'...Oia's had to be sawed off. And more than likely, he will be achy in a day or two. Oia's nights were rough in the beginning and Tylenol was a must for any sleep. The days were not as bad as the nights in regards to the ache. It's doable, stick it out, the stretch is well worth it and far better than having surgery at this point.

  2. How does not standing on the casts go over with Ben?? Wow. Keep us posted, and hooray for Ben, that little dynamo!

  3. Mo - as the casts are not made of plaster, we do not have to go in and have them cut off. I'm not sure how to exactly describe them, but they are basically "wrapped on" while wet. To take them off, we just find the end and start tugging. It may take a few minutes to get it started, but once we do, it should only take a couple of minutes to get it completely off.

    Sleep last night was fine. No issues at all. I did give him Tylenol before bed. I think I'll scrap the Tylenal tonight and see how it goes.

    GingerB - not standing on them was really no big deal. He doesn't do too much standing anyways so it was fine really. Plus he was tired from only a small nap in the car vs. his usual 2 1/2 hour nap in his bed.

  4. Hi Cary - Hope you all had a good weekend. What a little trooper Ben is! (Mommy too)
    Earl's new Dr. is advising serial casting. Not sure what the advantage is over day and night bracing. Also, referred to surgeon for SDR, thinks he a perfect candidate....scary!