Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A new blogging adventure

I've started a new blogging adventure.  This blog is a public blog.  Anyone can read it and find it.  In fact, I really want people to find it.  With one exception, I really don't want anyone in my real life to find it.  It's a place where I like to share what it's like to have a child with a disability.  But if my real life people knew about this blog, I would feel like I couldn't be completely honest.

There are 3 people in my real life that know about this blog:  my husband and two real life friends who also have a child with CP.  These people "get it" so I'm OK with them reading it.

Ben is about to have major surgery (SDR).  People in my real life want to know what's going on.  They want to be able to follow our adventure.  So I decided to create a new blog.  A private blog where I can post more personal details and not worry about the whole wide world seeing it.  So I've invited my real life friends to join my new private blog.

I'm going to cross-post the posts on that blog to this blog (with maybe a few tiny edits).  So far I've done a few "information" posts on the new blog basically to explain what CP is (and how it affects Ben) and also what SDR is (and how we hope it will help Ben).

Basically, I wanted you (my followers) to know what's going on with us.  I'm going to be loading a few of my posts tonight so you don't miss a thing from this SDR-journey we're on.


  1. Hi Cary! Sorry to be so absent from blog world. I totally get not wanting to mix your blog life with real life. I think I have told 4 people I know about my blog and it absolutely causes self censoring that I don't like. But I really do want to follow your SDR journey so please do cross post. I am thinking of you and yours, dear.

  2. I wish I would have thought to not tell the real people in my life about my blog. I find myself censoring sometimes and I've been asked more than once by my inlaws to take something down.