Sunday, April 25, 2010

Another first

I'm home all alone on a Sunday morning. I'm not quite sure what to do with myself. So here I sit on the couch, laptop on my lap, coffee on the end table next to me, soothing music on the TV. I can even hear the clock ticking. That's how quiet it is around here.

I dropped the boys off at my parent's at 8am this morning. My mom offered to take them for the morning so Clarence could go to work (it's still tax season here) and I could have a break. This has never happened before. My kids have never gone to my parent's house without me. My parent's have watched the boys for us before but always at our house.

And this wouldn't have happened if I hadn't planted the idea in her head. My parent's are great. They really are. I could ask them to do just about anything for us and they would do it. But they are not all that great at OFFERING help. They love the boys and see them fairly often, but always when it's convenient for them. Like on a Thursday morning when I have a thousand things to do. Never on a weekend when I'd like a break.

My parents have a very full life and for that I'm glad. But that doesn't leave much time for us sometimes.

I'm hoping that they all have a fantastic time this morning and that similar offers will be forthcoming. How much would I love it if they took them overnight sometime? How awesome would that be? I really wouldn't know what to do with myself then. Goodness, we might have to get dressed up and go out and maybe even stay up late drinking too much wine...and then maybe even sleep late.

A girl can dream, right?


  1. I just love those times. As much as I love my children it is great to get some time alone and as you said enjoy the quiet. I think it makes me a better mother when I get breaks every now and then. Hope this is the beginning of a trend.

  2. Sometimes an overnight stay at the grandparents is just what I need! The first time we sent them I felt a little guilty but hey, sometimes you do need a break! Enjoy your time off this morning!

  3. We are going away in May. We get 2 nights away, and almost 2 FULL days...I can't wait. :)

  4. I havwe to force my parents too--but I do it often. Mommies need breaks!