Friday, April 9, 2010

YAY Florida!

I'm getting just a wee bit excited over here. In just 25 days, we will be in (hopefully) sunny and warm, Fort Myers, Florida for our first, really big, family holiday. We've been planning it for months and I can't believe that it's almost here.

We've been telling the boys about it too. And even though I'm sure they have no idea what we're talking about, they now say things like "YAY Florida", "YAY Airplane", and "YAY Beach". It's so cute.

We're going to be staying at what looks like a really great family resort called Pink Shell. We're staying in one of their suites which is basically a two-bedroom apartment with a full kitchen and even laundry. I don't think I could handle staying in a regular hotel room with 2 two-year-olds.

We don't really have much planned for activities while we're there. We're hoping to do a lot of relaxing and hanging out at the beach and/or pool. I've heard there is some great outlet shopping there too so I'm sure we'll get in a bit of shopping at some point.

The thing I'm most excited about right now? I just booked a fantastic family / kid photographer to do a photo session with us while we're down there! Doesn't that sound awesome? To have family photos done while on holiday? That way I'll be sure to have some photos with me in it! So now I'm obsessing about what we're all going to wear...hmm...sounds like I need to go shopping.

Photo from July 2009 at our local beach


  1. Oh how fun, CaryAnne! My friend just came back home from Miama a few days ago. She said she forgot that it was spring back here in SC since it is always one temp. there....HOT!LOL hope you guys have tons of fun and can't wait to see pics!

  2. Oh my goodness...have so much fun! I can't wait to hear all about it. Stop by Illinois and grab us too will ya? ;)

  3. Yay Florida indeed. I am really hoping that we'll be able to go this year. Hubby's family has a time-share in Sarasota and I just love it there.

  4. sounds like a lot of a wee bit jealous...i want a vacation so bad

  5. Holidays? shopping? laying on the beach doing nothing? That doesn't sound like fun at all, why would one leave all this snow to do that(:
    Soooo fun!
    Truly the clothes are an important factor (my opinion) and add to the images. I love piecing it all together. You are going to have so much fun, and great idea booking a photographer!