Thursday, April 22, 2010

Parenting surprises

As I listen to Ben cry from his bed tonight (we're having sleep problems I'm trying to let him cry himself to sleep), I am reminded of all that I didn't realize about parenthood and raising kids.

I really did not realize that parents of two-year-olds still struggle with sleep issues. I thought that once your baby learned to sleep through the night, then that was it. The sleep issue was over and done with. But alas...that is not so.

Ben was my champion sleeper way back when. And most of the time, he is still a good sleeper. But we sometimes struggle too. And this is one of those times. He has gotten used to us going in to him whenever he cries out. And that has caused the problem to grow. So tonight I fight the urge to go in. Even as he cries out "Mommyyyyyyy, Mommyyyyyy". It's so hard. But necessary.

What has surprised you about parentood?


  1. Oh no! We haven't run in to sleep issues at night yet...YET. I just posted some problems we're having with Miss Abby!
    Hang in there, this to shall pass. :)

  2. I found your blog through M&M a while back and love checking in on your adorable boys!
    The thing that surprised me (which seems obvious), is that you really can not make someone else eat. I am lucky that my kids are pretty good eaters, but some days, they decide they don't want what I'm serving and simply refuse to eat. I can ask, I can beg, I can bribe, but if they don't want to eat- not gonna happen!
    Hope your little Ben starts sleeping better!

  3. 我的痛苦會停止,但求我的心能征服它。..................................................

  4. Oh CaryAnne,
    sleeping is over rated anyway, right? Faith had problems for over five years before we put her on melatonin. It was awful....

  5. I hear ya on the sleep thing--that surprised me too.

    I think the big thing for me is how much I MISS Charlie. I worried so much about someone being dependent on me, but I start to miss him after a few hours.