Sunday, April 11, 2010

Happy Blogiversary to Me's officially the one year anniversary of the start of this blog. I've been thinking all weekend about what I should write for my anniversary post, but I'm coming up blank. I was actually trying to come up with 2 posts so that this post could be the 100th post, instead of the 99th. Oh well...

I've been having sort of a rough day. Not a horrible day. Just a rough day.

Ben's been sick (again). This time with a cold (a few weeks back it was a really nasty flu with lots of vomitting and diahhrea). He's on the mend but we're all suffering from a lack of sleep. And of course, now Daniel is coming down with it. Fortunately, both boys slept well last night (not one peep heard) so I thought maybe we'd have a good day.

It LOOKED like a beautiful day today...when you were inside looking out. Outside it was sunny and not too cool, but crazy windy. And I really hate wind...especially wind like that. So we were stuck indoors.

So, we headed off to the mall this morning for one of our Sunday walks around the mall. It was OK. Ben struggled in his walker. He kept falling onto his knees. Then he'd want his father to carry him (which was fine...except he wouldn't want Daniel to use his walker when he wasn't using it). So lots of fighting over the walker ensued. Fun.

They went down for their nap fine. But woke up about 45 minutes earlier than normal. Daddy had gone to work for a few hours (we're in peak tax season here and he's a tax accountant) so here I was stuck with 2 cranky, somewhat sick boys.

Supper was another tough go...Daniel ate OK, but Ben basically just had some yogurt and ritz crackers. And it was all a fight. And then it was even a struggle to get them into their jammies and off to bed.

Everything we did today just felt difficult and exhausting. I guess we have those days sometimes, but Lord I wish we didn't. They are just too draining. And demoralizing. They make me feel like I can't do anything right. They make me feel like I don't enjoy my all I do is count down to bedtime.

So yeah. Kind of a sucky post to mark this blog's anniversary. That's just the way it goes sometimes. Somedays life is hard.


  1. Yea, it is sometimes. But just remember your doing the best you can, and trust me we all have days like that. I loved your 100th post...real, and honest.

  2. Happy anniversary Caryanne! Couldn't imagine bloggie land without you! Hugs to you and the kiddies...

  3. it's already been a year?! i have enjoyed keeping up with you and your boys here. keep it up!

  4. oh I want to send you hugs. I always feel guilty when I do the unofficial count down looking at the clock til the next nap or bed time becasue its just been one of those days. We're human, its okay!!!! hopefully tomorrow will be better and both boys will be feeling good!! Congratulations on the year!!!

  5. Thanks everyone! A good nights sleep has been quite helpful and all is looking up this morning! Thanks for hanging out with me and following my blog. I really appreciate all of you regular followers / commenters.