Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Shriner's and Photo Update

So. We are here. It feels so good to finally be at Shriners. Compared to the Children's Hospital, it feels like a hotel. What a huge difference. Except for my bed. Which is horrible. But apparently, that should be temporary. We are currently in a double room (although we are the only occupants) and the bed is one of those fold out chairs. They had those at Children's but they were much more comfortable than the ones here. But...this room should only be temporary. Those that are here for longer stays actually get a room with a real bed for the parent. So hopefully we move soon.

Ben is doing great TODAY. Yesterday, not so much. Both he and Clarence got some sort of stomach bug. Clarence was sicker than I've ever seen anyone. He left Children's yesterday morning at 7:30 and we only finally saw him at 5:30 at Shriners when he brought us our luggage. I'm not even sure how he managed that. He was supposed to fly home last night, but it was obvious that there was no way he could do that. So we rescheduled his flight to today. So he's enroute now. Still tired and weak, but somewhat better.

Ben didn't have it as bad as Clarence, but he did have an upset stomach and diarhea. Not fun when you have a kid who can't get to the toilet. But we got through it and today, we are doing much better.

He finally got into a proper wheelchair and we spent 90 minutes in the playroom playing with some blocks. It was great to see him back to himself.

Here are some photos that were on my camera that I wasn't able to upload to the blog from my ipad.

Day 1 after surgery.  On his back.  You can see his dressing where the incision was as well as the tape over his epidural.

Finally allowed to eat real food on Day 3!

So happy to finally be on his back!

Bubbles with Grammie!

Yeah!  All the tubes and wires are gone!  Time for jammies!

So now that I've caught you up on photos from our stay at Montreal Children's, I'll end this post.  But I'll have one up soon (hopefully tonight) to tell you about our first real day at Shriner's.  It was FANTASTIC!