Monday, April 20, 2009

Always something to worry about

Lately I've been worried about Ben's speech. We've known for awhile that both Ben and Daniel are somewhat delayed in their speech but really weren't too concerned. They've been delayed in everything else so why not speech too?

That said, Ben is starting to concern me. About 6 weeks ago, they were both actively repeating words and each had 3 or 4 words. Daniel now has about 6 and uses 3 all the time without any prompting. Ben however has pretty much stopped repeating and rarely uses any words. He does babble constantly though.

At first I didn't really notice that he was using his words as much. That's how it is with twins sometimes. Daniel was using them so I didn't realize that Ben wasn't.

So I took Ben into see the Speech Pathologist that he's seen in the past. I don't think she's overly concerned but does want to see him weekly. Ben has been making huge improvements in his gross motor skills lately so likely that explains some of his speech "regression".

But some good news...we went out for a walk this afternoon. And Ben said "car" about 5 times without prompting. Yippee! Daniel points out just about every car that drives by and finally Ben picked up on it. It's so great to have Daniel to motivate of the perks of having twins.

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  1. Right there along with you. It sounds like your Ben speaks more than my Alex... and we have Alex in Speech Therapy now too (last month or so - we had to fire the first SLP because she was awful).

    Alex babbles a little, especially after eating, but is pretty quiet otherwise. We are working on basic things like requesting food with sounds. He also doesn't point at things yet or repeat us.

    We are reading to Alex tons and talking talking talking just like we do with his "unaffected" brother, who has something like 20-25 words.

    It's a tough process, just like everything else therapy-wise, but the speech will come in time. And, like you say, it's great to have a twin to motivate!!!