Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bloggers Anonymous

I can't decide if I want anyone I know in real life ("IRL") to know about this blog. My husband knows but that's it. And I don't think he's even read it. I feel like I'm part of some secret club...

Although I haven't done it yet, there will come a time when someone close to me will piss me off and I'll need somewhere to vent. And if they know about this blog, I won't be able to do it here.

Plus, I tend to be somewhat private about the negative thoughts I have. Those closest to me likely don't realize how many dark moments I have, especially surrounding Ben's CP. But maybe it would be beneficial if they did? However, if I knew that those closest to me IRL were reading this blog, I likely wouldn't discuss those feelings here. I feel like I'm going in circles here.

So, do those closest to you read your blog? Do you find that that makes you "edit" your feelings, thoughts, emotions when you write?


  1. i haven't told any of my family about this blog. my husband knows, but that's it. and i told him to read it at his own risk, he may not like what he reads there (about him!). :) i do it for the same reasons you mentioned above. a place to vent if i need to w/o hurting people's feelings. also, some of the stuff i talk about wouldn't hurt feelings, but is too much for some members of my family to handle. my in-laws for example are still in denial that anything is wrong w/ drake. they are convinced he will "outgrow" all his issues.

  2. My hubby doesn't know about my blog.

    I also don't share IRL for the same reasons you describe. I don't think I would be able to be as honest if I knew/thought they were reading...!

  3. my whole family reads my blog, and yes, at time's i do edit myself because of it....i've thought before about having a secret, completely anonymous blog where i could really let it all out and vent about all of the negative stuff that i am feeling...but then i thought, who would want to read a blog that was just about all of the negative stuff, lol.

  4. I keep a journal to vent and complain, lol... I write other stuff in there too. My husband has read it before and I don't mind that. It stays put away where no visitors would find it.
    My family and friends do read my blog; it's an easy way for me to keep everybody updated on what the girls are doing and to share pictures with them.

  5. Thanks girls for your comments. I'm thinking now that I may start one for family and friends. I can copy posts from here that I'm Ok with them reading and can post additional stuff about what the boys are up to.

  6. Great to meet you! Mine is secret (yes even from the hubby) and I like it that way. I can say just what I want! My boys were born just 6 days after yours.