Saturday, April 18, 2009

Random thoughts

I'm home alone. For just the 2nd time in 19 months. Well, technically 17 months since the boys spent the first 2 months of their lives in the NICU...but that doesn't really count in my book. How can it count when every minute that you're at home you're feeling guilty that you're not sitting by their isolettes praying that they're going to be OK?

So back to the good news...I'M HOME ALONE! Hubby's at work (he's a tax accountant so needless to say very busy this time of year). And the boys are out with our nanny. I probably should tell you more about the nanny. Yes, I have a nanny and yes, I stay at home. She's amazing and is really a part of our family. She doesn't live in. She's here 5 days a week from about 9am til 5pm. It's great for us. It means I can take the boys to playgroups, swimming lessons, kindermusik, My-Gym (or whatever else I want) and have an extra set of hands. It means I can take Ben to his many appointments and leave Daniel at home with the nanny. It means I can go to the grocery store by myself. It means I can make supper most nights. It means I'm a better mom to my kids. And yes, it sometimes even means that I can take a nap or go for a pedicure.

So back to being home alone. Our nanny rarely works weekends (in fact I don't think she ever has). But her dog needed surgery and she was looking for some extra money. We've been super busy lately due mainly to tax season and our upcoming kitchen renovation. So I asked her is she wanted to work a few Saturdays. So she's taken them off to the Sugar Woods to see how good ole' Canadian Maple Syrup is made...hope she brings me some back...

I've been having some interesting thoughts today (maybe I have interesting thoughts other days but I usually can't hear myself think.) Like...

What on earth did we do to keep ourselves busy before we had kids? I've been alone now for just over 2 hours. I don't know what to do with myself. I've been trying to remember what hubby and I did on the weekends before the twins showed up. I know we slept alot more. But other than that, I really can't figure it out.

Sometimes being lazy pays off. The Boy Scouts were by this morning collecting bottles for their annual bottle drive. I gave them 6 moving boxes full of bottles. We've been meaning to take the bottles to the recycling centre for ages but hadn't gotten around to it. Oh, and not only are we lazy but we drink way too much Diet Pepsi.

There are some really great blogs out there. I've been surfing around and have come across the most amazing women. This one gave me some perspective and made me cry. This one made me laugh out loud. I also like this one and this one and this one.

And the one thought that just won't go away....I miss my kids. It's lonely at home without them. They make home fun and cute and loud and crazy.

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