Wednesday, September 2, 2009


As I was watching Daniel and Ben play together today, I noticed that the differences between them (development-wise) weren't as pronounced as they used to be. Six months ago, all the pictures that I have of them playing together looked like this:

Basically, Daniel was usually sitting (sometimes standing) and Ben was laying on the floor. God, how I hated that he was always lying on the floor.

But, that's not the case anymore. He has come so far in the last six months. He can now pull to kneel, pull to stand, crawl on all fours, w-sit, get into w-sit, climb a few stairs and cruise (with a spotter). How amazing is that! Just six months ago, all he could really do for gross motor was army-crawl, roll-over and sit unassisted. It shocks me how far he's come in the last six months.
And this doesn't even take into consideration all the stuff that he's figured out for fine motor and speech.
So now, my pictures look more like this:
Isn't that awesome?


  1. IT is great and now I'm going to wish-vomit on your post: Charlie is sooo freakin' close to getting himself into a sit and when he does that i just know that all this other stuff is going to come streaming in behind it.

    There. Sorry. It just came spilling out.

  2. cute! my pics look a lot like yours now, too. :) well, except that i have a girl. but, she kinda looks like a boy, so...

  3. Hi Katy - great to see you over here! And don't worry about the wish-vomit - I do it regularly. Can't wait to hear that Charlie is doing this too!

    Kelly - Ha ha!

  4. Wonderful progress! (And cute, cute boys!)

  5. your boys are so adorable!! I am so happy for Ben! Your blog got me right in the heart!!!