Monday, September 28, 2009

Thank God you're so cute...

"Thank God you're so cute..."

How many times have I uttered this phrase in the last 2 years? Too many to count. Usually it's followed with something like "we would have returned you to the manufacturer months ago". Of course I don't really mean it, but Lord does it help that they are sooo darn cute.

To celebrate the cuteness in my life, here's a fun list of some recent cute happenings:
  1. Daniel and his "I'm going to back up at you and yell "knee" until you pull me up onto your knee and read me a story.
  2. Ben is now able to say sounds something like "Danell".
  3. Ben screaming "D" whenever you chase him...meaning that you should chase Daniel instead.
  4. Daniel now says "love you" if I say it first.
  5. Daniel's squeal when someone comes to the door.
  6. The boys insisting that Daddy kiss Mommy too (and not just them).
  7. Daniel insisting that you take him for a "walk" too whenever we walk with Ben holding onto our hands.
  8. And pictures like this:


  1. adorable! we have a lot of cute here now, too. i love how the twins truly are each other's best friend, even through the toy grabbing and biting. :) lucy loves to line her stuffed animals up on the couch and "feeds" them with a spoon or cup. it's SO CUTE. and she also loves to feed drake his bottle, even though he is totally capable of holding it himself. she comes over to where he is lounging when she is done with her bottle, and takes it out of his hands to hold it for him. they laugh and laugh, thinking this is so funny.

  2. That is some seriously cute stuff!